Frequently Asked Questions

Black Cat Data - FAQ

1.     Who and what is Black Cat Data?
Black Cat Data provides career services for data & IT professionals. We accelerate and develop careers through our network of education and industry partners to maximise job opportunities and promotions. Our main focus is connecting the growing big data industry with education programs and qualified professionals at all stages of their career.

2.     When does the next part-time or full-time program start?
The program starts straight away when you enrol into the program with the pre-work online training. The pre-work online training takes about 40-60 hours to complete. The in-class room training starts every 3 months.

3.     Can you guarantee a job at the end of the program?
Although we do not guarantee a job, the program is very successful to land a job in the industry. You can read our success stories on our blog here. You can read about GA’s success rate here. Furthermore, Black Cat Data continues to actively assist and support members to find new employment opportunities and/or land a promotion through BCD’s network of mentors, employers, industry partners and career advisers.

4.     How do I qualify for the program?
Applications for the program are reviewed on either of following criteria:
(1)  Motivation, previous work experience, character and/or financial need; or
(2) Gaming test scores on our python quizzes.

5.     Is the data science program available in my city?
The program is currently available in these cities: Sydney, Melbourne.

6.     Who provides the education for the data science program? 
Black Cat Data selects the leading education providers in the industry for its training. We focus on education providers that provide job-ready skills using in-demand technology for the industry. Please refer to the relevant brochure or course outline about the education partners for your program. 

7.     How is the program education delivered?
The program is delivered by an instructor in a class room. This is the most effective training to develop practical job-ready skills. The pre-work is online before the in-class room training.

8.     How much and when do I need to pay for the course fees?
A membership fee is required before the start of the first in-class courses. This includes a pre-payment of $500 to secure your seat in the program which is due within 5 days after enrolment, or 2 days if within one week of the course start date.

The remaining membership fees are paid within 14 days of securing your seat. The course fees for members are paid through a one-off or payment plan to the education provider. The payment plan is subject to having a valid PR or Citizenship.

9.  Who are Black Cat Data’s Industry Partners and network?
You can find our industry partners and network on BCD Jobs.

11.  Can I talk so someone at Black Cat Data about the program?
Yes. Black Cat Data has career consultants available to discuss your career and fit for the program. Please schedule a call here.

12.  What are the benefits of getting into the data science industry?
The data science industry is part of the growing artificial intelligence and automation industry that is sweeping through all verticals of business. The United States and other developed nations currently have a shortage of supply of qualified professionals. The low supply and high demand has led to employers competing for talent. You can see on job boards the number of recruiters operating in the industry and the high remuneration offered by employers.

13.  I have no background in IT or statistics. Can I get into data science?
Yes. If you are motivated to learn and attended formal education in the past you can still get into data science and AI. The first step is to start learning to code in python for data science through our recommended online pre-work, which takes about 40-60 hours before starting the in-class room training. You can read here about skills required to become a Data Scientist.

14.  What does a data scientist do?
You can find out about what a data scientist does in these interviews with Byron and Katya.